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The Advertising Bonus 2023 is renewed and consists from this year of a 75 percent tax credit on incremental investments incurred or planned, related to advertising activities in daily and periodical press, including online.

Reservations, are submitted from March 1 to March 31, using the procedure on the portal of the Revenue Agency, where the updated form and instructions for compilation are available.

The Advertising Bonus 2023 is available to companies, self-employed persons and non-commercial entities that invest in promotional advertising campaigns.
In the application it will be necessary to indicate the data and information on the advertising investments that are intended to be made, or have already been made, during 2023.

Beneficiaries will be required to submit the substitute declaration on investments in advertising next January.

The request should be made directly to the Internal Revenue Service by also sending the declaration containing the expenses actually confirmed and incurred during 2023.
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